By Peter Kipreou and Aneeka Smith, Physiotherapists, Sprout Health Studio, 8th December 2016.

Many of us travel to work by car each day, or take a road trip on the weekend. Being in sustained postural positions such as sitting can often lead to aches and pains, particularly of the lower back and shoulders. Help your body out by selecting the correct driving position at the start of your trip. The best way to do this is to take a minute to ensure you are putting your body in the best position for the journey ahead.

When sitting in the drivers seat your wrists should be in line with the steering wheel (so that you are not reaching too far forward) and your shoulders relaxed. Your spine should sit comfortably with your pelvis back into the chair. Make sure your headrest is not too far forward (to avoid your head sitting to far forward) and if you have and adjustable seat, set it so that your hips are at 90 degrees to the spine. This will limit the amount of flexion your body is in throughout the road trip, and prevent the hips and lower back getting tight, leaving you nice and refreshed when you arrive at your destination.

Don't forget to stop, revive, survive on longer journeys, a short walk and stretch will also leave you feeling great and increase your attention on the road.

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