My Brekkie Book is a free school-day guide designed to help kids make healthy and delicious breakfasts in the morning. Click on the image below to download the entire book or individual recipes, in colour or black & white (for colouring-in!).

My Brekkie Book COLOURCreated by us (yep, us!) with our friends at Cereal 4 Brekkie, My Brekkie Book features a range of easy breakfast meal ideas for kids, as well as information about the nutritional benefits of each meal and the importance of eating brekkie before school. 

My Brekkie Book is a guide for kids, to help you enjoy a healthy, balanced breakfast before school, that is delicious and also fun to make. You can tick off things that you’ve made along the way, or take some of our suggestions to get creative with the recipes inside.

Whether breakfast cereal, toast, fruit and yoghurt or eggs is your favourite brekkie, we know you’ll find something you love in My Brekkie Book.