Cam joined the Sprout team in 2015. A lifelong foodie and successful business owner, Cam took his love of cooking seriously when he left the office for the kitchen and followed his dream to turn the kitchen into his work place. Cam is a qualified chef and has several years’ experience in fine dining and function kitchens. He loves sharing his passion for cooking with Sprout cooking class guests and is keen to help everyone learn something new and to grow their confidence in the kitchen. His warm personality makes his classes memorable, being a pleasure to attend and always lots of fun!

Cam’s commitment to local, sustainable cuisine and creating strong partnerships with regional producers starts at home with his own veggie garden, he loves exchanging garden produce with his neighbours. Cam lives with his wife & two daughters who are an inspiration, and his harshest critics!


Liah joined the Sprout team full-time in June 2015 but we first met Liah during her work experience placement with us in 2012. She is an aspiring young cook, with a passion for the hospitality industry and extensive experience  in many successful restaurants across South Australia. Liah enjoys the creativity of cooking with fresh and local produce, and she hopes to inspire others to find their own passion for fresh food!

You'll find Liah working hard in the Sprout Kitchen with Cam, making sure all our cooking classes and catering events runs seamlessly. In her spare time Liah enjoys spending time outside in her garden growing fresh fruits and vegetables as well as painting and upcycling old products such as furniture into new and exciting things.


Lauren joined the Sprout team in March 2013 and has worked with us full-time since early 2014. You may also recognise Lauren as the bright and happy face who welcomes you at Sprout Health Studio! Lauren is a star at keeping our health professionals and their busy days running like clockwork.

Lauren has a Bachelor of Health Sciences, majoring in Nutrition, her favourite things are traveling, dark chocolate and peanut butter, and colour is her thing - whether it is her hair or the food she makes. She especially loves getting to know our Sprout Health Studio clients and encouraging kids to cook and try new things in the kitchen.


Amelia joined the Sprout team in March 2013. Whilst currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences (Hons) and a Bachelor of Arts at University, with her sights set on graduating as an Organisational Psychologist in 2017, her thoughts have never strayed far from food.

Amelia enjoys pouring over food blogs, sharing food with others, and cooking with the seasonal produce from her family’s vegetable garden – especially her home-grown pomegranates. She is a firm believer that good food deserves to be celebrated, and a shameless food-instagram addict!


Alice joined the Sprout team in November 2014. She is currently studying Primary and Middle Education at The University of South Australia, hoping to teach French or Home Economics. Alice is passionate about food, desserts of all varieties, celebrating different cultures and teaching children the value of healthy, colourful eating at our Sprout kids classes.

Alice loves travelling and visiting new places, but will always hold the Adelaide Central Market as her favourite place in the world!


Annabel joined the Sprout team in June 2015 after completing one of her final year university placements with us earlier in the year. She has a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics from Flinders University and hopes to become a clinical dietitian.

Annabel is passionate about everything health, sport, travel and food! Annabel loves spending her time playing sport, sharing meals with family and friends and planning her next adventure where she hopes to experience as many different foods and cultures as she can.


Ashley joined the Sprout team in 2016 and we are thrilled that she chose to join Sprout after working in some amazing jobs in London, Walt Disney World Florida, and on board the Disney Cruise Line. Ashley adores kids and in between helping them learn important cooking and nutrition skills at our kids cooking classes, she is studying teaching at university. Ashley is the bright, bubbly face you'll see at our cooking classes, and she brings a wealth of food and hospitality knowledge to our corporate and catering events.


Ellen joined the Sprout team in March 2016 and has slotted in seamlessly, thanks to her genuine passion for living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Ellen has a Bachelor of Arts degree (Health Sciences) from the University of Adelaide, majoring in Nutrition and Psychology, and she has worked in a variety of hospitality jobs, including at Penfolds in the Barossa Valley. You'll find Ellen teaching kids how to cook delicious, wholesome food at our kids cooking classes, and serving the most decadent dishes at our corporate and catering events.